Whydah Safaris

As a family, having known in tourism industry and have passionate in it, through travelling to a different places, having a great opportunity to see the beauty of Tanzania, We decided to give the same opportunity to the other people all around the world to come and see the unique and beauty of Tanzania and its natural habitats, from Tanzania’s Northern, Southern to Western Circuit to the highest peak of Mount Kilimanjaro.

We came up with a unique safari company known as “Whydah Safaris” a small song bird with a conspicuous pennant-like tail, its song consists of rapid squeaking and shaking typically given from a high perch. They love one another and seen in small family groups or in large groups in favoured feeding areas. The male Pin-tailed Whydah aggressively defends his territory. Whydah Safaris will offer you a forgettable Safaris throughout your holiday.