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The BAOBAB SERENGETI is located in one of the most complex ecosystems in the world. This responsibility is important to us and part of building an Eco Camp. For example, our electricity and hot water are generated from 100% solar energy. The resulting organic waste is composed, plastic / metal etc. is transported away and recycled.

Many years of own experience and ideas flowed into the construction, for example with the zippers of the tents. These are not as usual, but around windows and doors surrounding. This construction prevents small gaps, which are often used by insects. Just one of many little things that makes BAOBAB SERENGETI different and special. It is a matter of the heart, our team and the driver’s manuals of our guests at the BAOBAB SERENGETI also feel good. So we have the Dirver guides beautiful tents with private bath and a staff lounge with many amenities for our own staff. If you are interested in the camp, please ask for a look behind the scenes.


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